Massage Therapy

Marathons and Massages

April will welcome another year of the London Marathon. A spectacular event that sees thousands of people who have put their bodies through gruelling training regimes, come together and run one of the toughest races out there, all in the name of charity.

Running is one of many forms of exercise and has numerous positive benefits on your overall well-being.  Some individuals focus on running for improved fitness or weight loss, others put their trainers on just to enjoy escaping from the pressures of ordinary life and taking some well deserved time out! We are lucky enough here to be close by to the wonders of Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park, with both challenging and recreational running routes surrounded by exquisite natural beauty.

Massage is just one of the therapies that can be extremely beneficial to individuals who run recreationally or those more serious who challenge themselves to the odd 26.2 mile events!

We have highlighted below some of the benefits that you can reap from receiving a massage throughout your training and pre/ post event:

  1. Improves circulation of the blood.
  2. Improves rate of muscle repair, in turn recovery time.
  3. Helps to prevent injury.
  4. Reduces pain felt in muscles that are particularly sore and overworked, spotting areas of hypertension and alleviating.
  5. Improves fluid movement between the muscles, removing toxins and waste products.
  6. Improves flexibility and range of movement in the joints so that they can function effectively.
  7. Enhances performance.


Here at the clinic we are celebrating the upcoming London Marathon by offering £10 off a special 1hour ‘Marathon Massage’ treatment. Book a 1hour treatment on a Monday between the 13 March and 15 May and pay only £35 (normal price £45.)

The massage treatment will be specifically designed to benefit those who are keen runners, and those taking part in the marathon this year.

What will the treatment focus on?

The massage will concentrate mainly on the lower part of the body, looking at the condition of the gluteals, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and ankles. Running puts a great deal of strain on these particular muscles and connecting joints so it is important to release any hypertension or adhesions ahead of any training or event.

When should you have a massage?

Massage is both beneficial to the body throughout your training, and before or after an event. Particular through heavy spots of training, massage will help to maintain the flexibility and suppleness in the muscles so you can continue to run and build on your own ability. Pre event massage will prepare the body for intense exercise and assist with injury prevention, also aid in improved performance. Post event is all about recovery, and helping move fluids (nutrients, oxygen, blood) through the muscles so that they can return to a ‘normal’ state as soon as possible.

To book a ‘Marathon Massage’ with our massage therapist Michael Grossman, please call 07841 584 180. *

*Please note this offer is only available when booking on a Monday and only valid from Monday, March 13, 2017 until Monday, May 15, 2017.