Massage Therapy Wimbledon

For relaxation and rehabilitation

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and well-being. There are dozens of types of massage therapy methods .

People seek massage therapy for a variety of reasons – to reduce stress and anxiety, relax muscles, rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain, and promote overall health and wellness.

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    Types of massage therapy

    There are several types of massage available at the clinic including:

    • Holistic or Relaxation massage

      also known as Swedish massage

    • Sports or Rehabilitative massage

      also known as deep tissue, medical, therapeutic or clinical massage

    • Traditional Thai massage

      (Combined Yoga & Shiatsu)

    • Hot Stone massage

      using hot stones to relax deep muscle tension

    • Indian head massage

    We also offer

    • Reflexology (a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body.)
    • Hopi Ear candling An Native American treatment that aims to draw out excessive ear wax


    Our Physiotherapy Clinic Services

    The West Wimbledon Physiotherapy Clinic aims to provide a selection of services to maintain and enhance health and wellbeing. Although primarily a physiotherapy clinic, a range of other treatments are available.