Pelvipower™ is an innovative pelvic floor training system using a magnetic field. PelviPower™ trains your pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles purposefully and effectively, without exertion, in your everyday clothes, conveniently sitting down. The holistic concept combines state-of-the-art medical technology with targeted support for individual training. It is proven to be more effective than conventional self-training, and can be used for the following conditions:

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    Around 423 million people around the world are affected by incontinence and bladder weakness, and the numbers are growing. Incontinence compromises your life at all times. Your bladder determines your daily schedule. Dripping or the escaping of urine are a nuisance in everyday life. Pads can provide an emergency solution. With the PelviPower™ training, we help you to regain some freedom. You can train your pelvic floor easily and conveniently. A strong pelvic floor can help you to control your bladder. So that you can do what you please when and how you want.

    Pelvic floor training after giving birth:

    Pelvic floor training before and after giving birth is an important preventive measure and supports the recovery of the pelvic floor. Due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy and the burden of stretching during the birth process, a lot is demanded of the pelvic floor. To ensure a good recovery of the pelvic floor in this instance, the effective pelvic floor training of PelviPower™ is recommended.

    Sexuality and libido in women:

    The PelviPower™ training stimulates both deep and superficial layers of tissue and raises the cell metabolism. This promotes a firming of the tissue and an improved supply to the skin. This supports the combating of cellulite and weak connective tissue. The stimulation of tissue and cell metabolism also enhance the sexual feeling of women as well as their ability to orgasm. Complaints relating to the menopause can be positively influenced.

    Potency, vitality & prostate in men:

    A strong pelvic floor is a subject that applies to men just as much as women. The PelviPower™ training helps men in case of erectile dysfunction and weak potency. It stimulates blood flow in the genital area and leads to the normalisation of muscle tone in the pelvic floor. Also after prostate operations with incontinence complaints, the PelviPower™ can achieve a significant improvement of the symptoms. Whether for prevention, in rehabilitation facilities or as preparation for an operation to the urogenital system.

    Back strengthening:

    The pelvic floor muscles are closely connected to the back muscles. Weak pelvic floor muscles often cause back pain, weak back muscles and a faulty posture weakens your pelvic floor. Through a strengthened pelvic floor, the tonus of the surrounding muscle tissue normalises. This can lead as a secondary effect to an improvement of the lower back pain symptoms. With the PelviPower™ you strengthen your pelvic floor and significantly help the improvement of your posture and relaxation of the back muscles.

    Pelvic floor treatment for fitness, sports and stability:

    With a strong pelvic floor, you can take a preventative measure against many complaints! Feel and discover your pelvic floor during PelviPower™ training to strengthen your core and buttock muscles. Increase back and core stability, balance, drive and safety in sport.

    The West Wimbledon Physiotherapy Clinic is very excited to offer PelviPower™, and we are currently offering a free trial consultation.

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