Fracture-healing is a unique and typically successful process; nevertheless, 5% to 10% of fractures show a delay in healing after initial operative or nonoperative treatment . Impairment of fracture-healing leads to a delay in union or may even result in non-union. Impaired fracture-healing has an important socioeconomic impact.

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    Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) forms the basis for one of the currently available non-invasive, bone-healing enhancement devices. LIPUS affects fracture-healing through high-frequency acoustic pressure waves (30 milliwatts [mW]/cm2 ) that are delivered transcutaneously to the fracture site.

    Evidence showed that LIPUS treatment accelerated time to clinical and radiographic union in fresh fractures and delayed unions and non-unions, but acceleration of fracture union did not lead to accelerated functional recovery. As 90% of all fractures already heal spontaneously within three months after initial surgical or nonsurgical treatment , fractures that are prone to a long time to healing and/or impaired fracture-healing could particularly benefit from the bone-healing capacity of LIPUS.

    The West Wimbledon Physiotherapy Clinic is a partner of Phoenix Healthcare who offer a hire service for the LIPUS machine.

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