Ian trained at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in both Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Specializing in Fertility, IVF, and Obstetrics Ian provides the best support possible for couples undergoing IVF and Fertility treatment.

Ian has researched the role of acupuncture in the treatment of endometriosis associated with infertility as well as the treatment of Male Factor Infertility using Chinese Medicine. He has written articles for Child of Wimbledon, South West Families and The Chinese Journal.

Post Graduate training includes;

    • IVF Preparation and Support
    • Insomnia and Stress related Depression
    • Obstetric Acupuncture
    • Further Five Element Training


When we have difficulty starting a family, it is one of the most emotional challenges in the world. Coming to terms with the fact that others around you (friends /family) are happily announcing their pregnancies and the sudden realization that things aren’t going quite to plan for you can be overwhelming.

One of the most challenging aspects of the infertility experience is dealing with the emotional ups and downs, the uncertainty about outcomes, and the challenge of having to make important decisions such as “how long should I try for” or when to start looking into medical treatment.

It is important to learn how to take care of ourselves, make sure we that get the support we need, and to manage our emotions so that our self-esteem and outlook on life remains as positive as possible.

With many years of experience my role is to help you through this journey and support you through its difficult times.

Ultimately through Acupuncture and some lifestyle changes and advice you will give yourself the best possible chance of conceiving either naturally or through IVF.

Do you recognize any of the following symptoms that either appeared or worsened since trying to conceive?

      • lack of energy (especially at specific times of your cycle )
      • headaches
      • irritability (snapping at people or feeling overwhelmed particularly if someone close to you announces they are pregnant)
      • insomnia
      • extreme sadness
      • inability to concentrate


Several factors may be responsible for declining male fertility including;

      • Low Sperm Count
      • Abnormal Sperm Size and Shape
      • Reduced Motility

Sperm quality has been correlated with more than simply fertilisation rates, but with factors such as development of the fertilised egg, implantation and perhaps more importantly, the development of the embryo itself. So occurrences like miscarriages could have more to do with sperm quality than we imagined, and treatments that focus solely on the woman may indeed miss the mark. If you are considering a pre-conception programme, or if infertility is unexplained, the aim is to maximise sperm and egg quality.

I understand that for men the emotional impact can be huge and the tendency to “keep it to yourself” can often be the norm. I try to break down some of the concerns or fears you may have and very quickly together we will work out a plan that helps to give you the best possible chance of improving your sperm parameters and give you the sense that you are doing something about

I use points in the abdomen and leg which help to increase blood flow through the small blood vessels of the testes, improving delivery of nutrients to developing sperm and promoting optimal sperm vitality.

I use other points to reduce stress – a big factor in sub fertility issues.
There is a clear link to male fertility with both nutritional and lifestyle issues. Part of my comprehensive approach includes making suitable dietary recommendations in order to support and maximise our impact upon poor sperm parameters. Often a sensible, planned and individual approach, plus some persistence, helps to address many of the factors linked to reproduction.
It takes around 90 days to create new sperm, so positive effects from acupuncture sessions as well as from nutritional and lifestyle changes are maximised after this period. Follow up testing by semen analysis is recommended as a way to demonstrate the positive changes made from healthy choices.

Acupuncture for Infertility

  • Initial Consultation

  • £95

    45 Minutes
  • Subsequent Treatments

  • £95

    45 Minutes
  • Male Fertility Programme

  • £1100

    13 Weeks

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