Osteopathy Wimbledon

Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy which treats the body as a whole, focussing on the root cause of the problem rather than merely the presenting symptom. Therefore each patient is assessed allowing a treatment plan to be formulated to suit the individual.

What can you expect during a first appointment?
Your first appointment will take up to 60 minutes.

Initially, in order to gain an accurate picture, the Osteopath will conduct a comprehensive case history with details about your presenting complaint, but also any previous injuries or issues including a complete medical history. The Osteopath may ask for previous scans, blood tests etc. if deemed appropriate.

Your Osteopath will then undertake an examination which may require you to remove some of your clothing. You may wish to bring shorts or loose clothing.

You will then be examined and asked to perform movements to assess your mobility. Passive examination is also carried out to assess tissue health.

For patients under the age of 17, a parent is required to attend for the entire session.

After examination, your Osteopath will come to a working diagnosis and discuss a treatment programme with you.

Treatment may include joint mobilisations, muscular work, cranial and visceral techniques, depending on the individual presentation. The aim of treatment is to improve range of movement in a restricted area, increase blood flow and fluid drainage, reduce inflammation to promote healing in the affected area.

You will also be given advice to help you manage your complaint and may be given exercises to do at home. Sometimes, you may be referred to your GP or another health practitioner for further examination.

Is Osteopathy right for you?
Osteopathy may benefit adults, children, babies, the elderly and pregnant women.

Here is a list of some of the complaints often seen by Osteopaths:

– generalised aches & pains

– sports injuries

– neck and back pain

– sciatica

– joint pain (knee, hip, elbow, hand etc.)

– frozen shoulder

– headaches and migraines

– arthritic pain

– stress-related tensions

– carpal tunnel syndrome

– neuralgia

– fibromyalgia

– symphysis pubis dysfunction & other pregnancy-related issues


– and many more


Our Physiotherapy Clinic Services

The West Wimbledon Physiotherapy Clinic aims to provide a selection of services to maintain and enhance health and wellbeing. Although primarily a physiotherapy clinic, a range of other treatments are available.